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I hope YouTube commenters aren’t representative of society

Posted at age 26.
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Scrolling through my Facebook feed, I found a link to (a blog post linking to) the below video of some boys known as the Rhodes twins, coming out to their father. I wasn’t going to click, as I’ve been experiencing strong overhyped-sentimental-click-baiting fatigue, but then I caved, maybe because they appeared to be cute. What the hell kind of person am I?

Anyway, the video was fine, if not a little choppy due to some apparent video blogger style book dictating the important phrases must be so jittery as to make viewers question whether it is authentic or all Videoshop. But it was fine. The dad seemed possibly slightly cold at first, but overall it was a reasonably caring reaction. It did not come anywhere near “breaking my heart” as was promised by the minimal value added blog post linking me to it. (My excuse, by the way, is that this is my journal of my thoughts, and I don’t care who reads, nor do I make money from this. ;-) ) I’m a little surprised the dad wasn’t already aware his kids were gay, as I thought it was obvious from the first second, but anyway, that’s not my point!

All I wanted to record was how ridiculous the comments (still) are, and my fear these people really do live in my society.

Here’s an example:

Rhodes twins coming out comments

Rhodes twins coming out comments

There were some supportive comments, too, but sheesh! Who are these people?! At least poor Jamie Lorain, though misguided IMO, seems to be using her real name.

Just because its fun to have sex with your same gender doesn’t mean you’re gay

StraightCamp and The champions are just trolls.

Perhaps one day the Internet will be filled with kind, loving, conscientious people… but maybe a prerequisite of that is, unfortunately, the world needs to become filled with kind, loving, conscientious people first.

Here’s the video: