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Goodbye San Francisco

Posted at age 25.
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Twenty one months in San Francisco to the day, and I’ve decided to move on, for now. I still do not feel like I am really moving away, but the magnitude of this all is finally starting to sink in. I intended to write and reflect earlier, but 20 minutes before my flight boards is better than never.

My time in this city has been somewhat of an emotional roller coaster, but I would not change a minute of it. Meeting Mike’s friends got me off to a great start in this wonderful place, and despite the bumps in the road, they were only bumps. I tend to forget the negative things in life, anyway, as Yizhen will attest. Branching out from that friend group, I have met many people I will not soon forget.

I know I have not been as social as I probably should have been, as thankful as I needed to be, or as adventurous in exploring everything SF has to offer as I could have been, but I love everything about whom I did meet and the things I did do. And I will keep striving to acknowledge the people who make me who I am.


Vera on Corona Heights looking over the city

The first seven months in the city seem so distant, and yet I remember many things vividly. The Sunday brunches and park days, the trips to Dustin’s home and pool, the ups and downs of friendships with Brad and Mike and others, my first marathon, and so much more.


My gym and dinner partner for most of 2013

And then 2013 brought in many changes, and I have grown so much. It started with attempting to start real dating, and meeting Eric and Derek. Neither turned into a romance, but both have become good friends. Eric’s accommodating and encouraging nature brought me to Burning Man later in the year with Brad and Mike. Derek introduced me to the gym lifestyle, and nearly every day we spent two hours together working out and dining afterward.

There were many others I cannot list right now, but the summer was filled with great times with friends. I especially loved how Keith got me into camping and how Rich went with me to my beloved Mendocino when no one else could make the time. Pride with Travis and friends was great, too.

And then soon into August, I met Yizhen, and we hit it off pretty quickly, but I was hesitant as always. I eventually could resist no longer, despite his more traditional stance on relationships and dating. I cannot believe the last six months are over, but upon reflecting, they were very fulfilling. I am eternally thankful for him being in my life, and being there for me without hesitation or exception. I do not think I have ever known such devotion, and he has taught me a lot about loving. Lessons that will stay with me forever.


Delicious meat

But all good things come to an end, and new things are just around the corner. I have faith life will keep surprising me and delighting me, and I hope to maintain all my connections as well as forging new ones.



As for San Francisco, I plan to be back. I am going to Tokyo for a year or so, and much remains to be seen, but I love San Francisco, and I love everyone who was a part of my life. Thank you all.


Yizhen snuck a cake into the restaurant and had them serve it to us!