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Getting acquainted with Madrid

Posted at age 24.
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I decided May 6 to book a ticket to Madrid to join my mom and her friend Terry on a trip to visit my brother, Tim, who has been working on his master’s there for a year.

I was to leave Monday, May 20, but I had a ton of work to do before that. I ended up logging 116.25 hours in those two weeks, largely thanks to three projects that were behind schedule and high priority. But the overtime allowed me to largely not need to work during the trip!

The day came, and the flight was scheduled for 7 a.m. Monday. I was to land in Madrid Tuesday at 8 a.m. after a stopover at JFK.


A little bit of Wisconsin on the flight to Spain.


It’s almost daytime!


First sighting of Spain… I‘m pretty sure. Tons of adorable little wind turbines! Crappy photo, sorry!

So, I eventually landed, cleared customs, and then started looking for my mom or brother. I found Tim first, and he hadn’t seen Mom yet. He noted her flight wasn’t even on the monitors, and we discovered this was because her flight landed at a different terminal than we expected.


Tim and I waiting for the train to take us from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1, where Google says Mom’s flight landed.

So we went to Terminal 1, and located Mom and Terry.


Finally found Mom and Terry, who actually landed at Terminal 1, not Terminal 4.

Tim led us back to the train, and we headed to his apartment to drop off our bags, as it was too early to go to the apartment hotel we were to stay at for two nights.


Random shots from around Tim’s neighborhood


Recycling bins on the street


Tim’s apartment‘s entrance


Tim has a clothing washing machine, but has to air dry things on this pulley line outside the window.


Another drying apparatus.


Tim’s continuous Kombucha brewing setup. The glass lets you see how appetizing the drink is!


I thought these bathroom light fixtures were funny. Three different bulb styles, too!


Random shots from around Tim’s neighborhood

We went to the nearby Parque del Oeste to see an Egyptian temple that was relocated there.


Lots of white dogs at Parque del Oeste


Grafiti on almost every bench at Parque del Oeste. Reminded me of parks in Buenos Aires.


Grafiti on almost every bench at Parque del Oeste. Reminded me of parks in Buenos Aires.


Grafiti on almost every bench at Parque del Oeste. Reminded me of parks in Buenos Aires.


I think this is the Royal Palace of Madrid, seen from Parque del Oeste.


Trying to decide what to do next. Mom is pretty tired.


Mom and Terry decided to ground themselves for 20 minutes while Tim and I observed social positioning habits of groups of school children and chatted about his moving back to the U.S. Mom fell asleep.


The centerpiece of Parque del Oeste, Templo de Debod is an Egyptian temple that was moved to Spain in the ‘60s so it wouldn‘t be damaged by the Great Dam of Aswan project.


Templo de Debod at Parque del Oeste


Templo de Debod at Parque del Oeste


Templo de Debod at Parque del Oeste

We headed back to Tim’s apartment after dining at a small restaurant that uses all organic, locally sourced food.


Just outside Parque del Oeste. Not sure what it is.


Across the street from Parque del Oeste.


Random building


Combined dresser-bookshelf of Tim‘s roommate, Ian, who inhabits the living room.


Terry’s first post-freedom trip in the elevator that trapped Mom, Tim, Terry and I for 10 minutes a bit earlier. We tried the emergency call button, but it apparently didn‘t work. And the service number on a sticker was disconnected. Luckily Tim‘s roommate, Ian, found a toggle to reset the elevator and send it back to the 0th floor.

After getting settled at the apartment, we went to Lateral, a tapas place Tim said a lot of people like.


On the way to the restuarant Lateral from the apartment hotel on Calle Pez


Terry wanted this photo of a restaurant sign bearing her friend’s name, at Calle de Fuencarral, 52.


Spiritual candles


At Lateral, Madrid


At Lateral, Madrid


Lots of bottles, no room for food, at Lateral in Madrid


I’d say I’ll take the top, but it looks like somebody’s beaten me to it!


Across from out apartment hotel room on Calle Pez in Madrid