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First night out with Derek after five months of friendship

Posted at age 24.
Edited .

Last night Derek invited me to go out with him and some friends from LA. I wasn’t going to, but agreed around 11 p.m. to meet him out. I was more inclined to go because he was presently alone at the bar, so I could meet him first without being inundated with his friends all at once. Further, he agreed to come walk to my apartment and we’d walk together, which was nice.

We then went to Blackbird, and his friends arrived shortly thereafter. The main one was Chris, an Asian guy who is very smiley and energetic. There was also a straight guy, whose name I forgot, and a girl named Christine. I’m not sure the name of this other, taller, quiet gay guy.

Then showed up another guy, a friend of Chris, named Adam, whom I happened to recognize from Jack’d. I don’t remember if we talked or not, but I know I messaged him. We all got along fine, and I talked to Adam one on one for a while when Derek and Chris got into an involved car conversation. Adam seemed nice and interested in what I had to say, so that was nice.

Then eventually Derek left, as he didn’t want to ride his motorcycle drunk. The rest of us went to Hi Tops till bar time, at which point everyone went home except Chris and Adam. Chris wanted food, and Adam was ambivalent.

We ended up walking to Nizario’s to get pizza, and when Chris ordered four slices instead of just one for himself, I suggested we go back to my apartment to eat the pizza since the restaurant was crowded and possibly about to close. Chris agreed and we started walking to my place.

I asked Adam where he lives, and he responded he’d have to take a taxi home. Chris heard this, saw a taxi, and almost instinctively hailed it. Before I knew it, Chris and Adam were in the cab, with Chris signaling for me to come along. I told them it’d be silly for me to take a cab to Adam’s place when I live a block away. Adam remained silent, so I stuck to my statement. Chris then at least tried to give me the pizza he intended for me, but I declined, and I am glad I did. I would have felt quite worse after eating a consolation prize.

So I went home, called Domingo to see if he was still awake (he was not, he passed out at Todd’s), and hit up Jack’d. I eventually was about to give up when an Asian boy messaged me back. He seemed reasonably attractive and really wanted to come over, so I consented. It wasn’t the worst thing, but we didn’t even cuddle much.

In the morning, he left on his own, which made me glad. Then I thought about starting to work, as I intended to work as many hours as possible this weekend since I’m going to Spain for two weeks Monday.

I was feeling a bit lame, and thankfully Brad got off work hours early, so he came over. We got La Fajita and hung out around the apartment. His presence lifted my mood noticeably, and I couldn’t stop singing along to Jens Lekman songs. I was emotional and felt a little high; it was strange.

Eventually I got to working, Brad took a nap and then went home, and Domingo and Christopher stopped over while dealing with their cat and moving.

I also hooked up again with someone from Jack’d named Aaron. He looked much better in his photos and it was not very exciting. He also made my toilet overflow. Let’s stop hooking up, OK? Ugh.

I am working right now and possibly going out if I get enough done. We’ll see!