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Meeting a bunch of Germans at my first hostel

Posted at age 24.
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Those first few days at Daniel’s were a little rough, as his cousin and roommate didn’t like that he had a friend staying over whom she didn’t know. Daniel told me not to worry about it or talk to her, but apparently it just got worse, so I decided to stay at a hostel downtown instead. Daniel needed to focus on finding a job anyway, and I wanted to try out a hostel for my first time.

So Monday afternoon, Daniel drove me to a hostel called Base Brisbane Embassy I read about online. It had decent reviews, aside from ones where the reviewers clearly didn’t understand what a hostel (or “backpackers”) is.

I walked inside, feeling slightly intimidated, not knowing the normal process for such places. The receptionist was a girl about my age, and she was quite nice and understanding. She explained the various types of rooms ranging from eight bed to two bed rooms. I think there was an eight bed room space available that night for around $31, but it was booked for the next day. The six bed rooms had spaces for the foreseeable future, and cost $33. So, not knowing if I’d be there one night or 10 days, I opted to purchase a single night in a six bed room. If I figured out I would be there at least a week, the rate goes down about $10 per night.

The receptionist handed me a booklet of info and coupons, my room key and an Internet access card so I could use WiFi in the rooms. I headed up to my room on the third floor, which is actually the fourth floor. It seems most Australian buildings start numbering the floors with the second floor.

I found my room, and was a little nervous to go inside, as I had no idea if there would be people inside or not. But it turned out nobody was home, thankfully, though the bottom three beds were apparently already taken. I claimed the top bunk closest to the single wall outlet in the room. I was surprised they didn’t at least have a power strip in there! Six people to two receptacles!

Anyway, I unpacked a bit and sat down to start working. Soon I met Demet, a German traveler a few years younger than me. I asked her about the room situation. She was traveling with another German and didn’t know the other guy. Later I met him, though, a dude from Sweden. Later that evening, two more German guys showed up. Everyone was very nice.

That evening I went for a walk around the downtown area since the weather was great and I was so central now. Not many food places were open, but there were plenty of people walking around, even close to midnight. I talked to a guy, Nick, near Central Station, who also seemed very nice. He said he was free the next day, so we agreed to meet for food.

So I went back to the hostel, talked to the roommates a bit, and eventually we all went to bed.

Next day, I went to the library, and then met Nick in the afternoon. He took me on a bit of a walking tour across the bridge and around the South Bank area.


The “central business district” (they don't say “downtown”) of Brisbane, otherwise just reffered to as the “city”


From the Queen Street bridge


Another Ferris wheel


The Nepal Peace Pagoda at the South Bank Parklands in Brisbane


South Bank has these sort of whimsical structures lining the pathways.


Abstract back rests


A shallow pool near the Nepal Peace Pagoda


Part of the pool area next to the river. Locals sometimes call it the fake beach.


I haven't seen any drinking fountains yet that look anything like typical ones in America.


South Bank ground.


Nick took me to an Italian restaurant, Amici's

The restaurant we went to was kind of a silly experience. When we got there, it was very nice outside, so we opted for outdoor seating, along with a dozen other people. Right after we got our food, the whole area seemed to suddenly get swarmed with mosquitos. I hadn’t seen a mosquito in Australia yet, but they were bad. Pretty much everyone dining outside simultaneously got up and carried all their food inside. The indoor waitresses looked very confused when everyone came pouring inside and sitting at random tables.


Brisbane CBD from South Bank

It quickly became dark during dinner, so we meandered back through the South Bank Parklands toward my hostel.


Nick by the Ferris wheel