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A walk down Chapel Street

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Sunday, I got to wake up to this porky little dog named Lucy.


Lucy, Oliver's roommate's fat dog.

She is Oliver’s roommate Joel’s dog, but apparently it usually sleeps with Oliver. I’ve never been a big fan of these dogs (pugs?), mostly because of their crunched in faces… but I guess she’s all right. Except she snores, snorts and farts. That’s not so cute…

Oliver made me a delicious and complicated Australian breakfast. Two pieces of toast, one with peanut butter, and one with concentrated yeast extract, otherwise known as “Vegemite.”


Apparently this weird stuff called Vegemite is popular in Australia… “concentrated yeast extract” … sounds delicious. It tasted very strange. Not bad, but also not my favorite thing in the world. I’ll have to try it again.

Then I went for a short run to explore the beach area a bit. The paths along the ocean are very nice here. There’s a paved bike and pedestrian path close to the road, and then some sort of hiking type trail through this small tree line between the paved path and the beach, and then usually there’s another pedestrian path along the sand.

I tried to run on the dirt path through the trees, but I kept getting diverted into the sand, so I eventually just stuck to the bike path.


My first Australian beach, near Brighton Beach. I walked on it for a bit while trying to get a short run in.

Once I got back and showered, Oliver was about ready to emerge from the house. We took the train closer to downtown to check out a popular eating and shopping area along Chapel Street. We ended up walking mostly to the end without making up our minds about eating anywhere, and then we walked back and did the same thing.


Love these bricks


Instead of “garage” and “parking lot,” they say “car park” … Where cars go to play!


It’s hard to see in this photo, but the hole is actually half the size of the grate… it just slopes down. Kind of weird.


A pharmacy


Strangely reminiscent of Burger King


This is called a tram


Oliver bathing in color




Weird building of two different styles

We eventually settled on a restaurant a block from the train station. And they never close.


We Never Close!


I ordered spinach and ricotta cannelloni, and Oliver ordered a vegetarian pizza with “wedges,” at Chapelli's Cafe-Bar Restaurant

Then we headed back home, as it was hot out and Oliver was getting tired.


South Yarra station


No junk mail!

There are “No Junk Mail” signs everywhere around here. Oliver tells me it’s to prevent people from stuffing mailboxes with advertisements. I was trying to explain, how I think it works in the U.S., that it’s illegal to stuff mailboxes with anything, but advertisers pay to send advertisements in the actual mail. I guess they don’t do that here.

Once we got home, Oliver sat down to live tweet another episode of “Big Brother,” an Australian sensation apparently. I’m not big into pop culture, but people seem more maniacal about this show than I’ve seen people get about any show in the States.


Oliver is live tweeting the Australian version of the “reality” show “Big Brother”