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Movable Type export template

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This template will output content from a blog in the Movable Type export format, which you can use to import into another MT install or perhaps another system.

You might want to use this template versus doing an normal export through MT’s interface if your blog has too many entries for your server to handle and you have been getting timeout errors. You could then run this template via the publishing queue.

Or perhaps you want to select a narrower scope of entries than the whole blog, such as choosing certain categories or tags, or perhaps you want to combine multiple blogs. In these cases, simple modify the parameters of the Entries block.

<mt:Entries sort_by="created_on" sort_order="ascend" limit="999999">
AUTHOR: <$MTEntryAuthor strip_linefeeds="1"$>
TITLE: <$MTEntryTitle strip_linefeeds="1"$>
BASENAME: <$MTEntryBasename$>
STATUS: <$MTEntryStatus strip_linefeeds="1"$>
ALLOW COMMENTS: <$MTEntryFlag flag="allow_comments"$>
CONVERT BREAKS: <$MTEntryFlag flag="convert_breaks"$>
ALLOW PINGS: <$MTEntryFlag flag="allow_pings"$><MTIfNonEmpty tag="MTEntryCategory">
PRIMARY CATEGORY: <$MTEntryCategory$></MTIfNonEmpty><MTEntryCategories>
CATEGORY: <$MTCategoryLabel$></MTEntryCategories>
DATE: <$MTEntryDate format="%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p"$><MTEntryIfTagged include_private="1">
TAGS: <MTEntryTags include_private="1" glue=","><$MTTagName quote="1"$></MTEntryTags></MTEntryIfTagged>
<$MTEntryBody convert_breaks="0"$>
<$MTEntryMore convert_breaks="0"$>
<$MTEntryExcerpt no_generate="1" convert_breaks="0"$>
AUTHOR: <$MTCommentAuthor strip_linefeeds="1"$>
EMAIL: <$MTCommentEmail strip_linefeeds="1"$>
IP: <$MTCommentIP strip_linefeeds="1"$>
URL: <$MTCommentURL strip_linefeeds="1"$>
DATE: <$MTCommentDate format="%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p"$>
<$MTCommentBody convert_breaks="0"$>
TITLE: <$MTPingTitle strip_linefeeds="1"$>
URL: <$MTPingURL strip_linefeeds="1"$>
IP: <$MTPingIP strip_linefeeds="1"$>
BLOG NAME: <$MTPingBlogName strip_linefeeds="1"$>
DATE: <$MTPingDate format="%m/%d/%Y %I:%M:%S %p"$>