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Strange things are happening

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I have been quite unproductive during the last two weeks… but I’ve also been hanging out with the new friend almost daily. I’ll just briefly recapitulate the recent happenings, as I need to eat, shower and get ready to maybe go to Madison soon.

Last Thursday (Jan. 20) I went to Hybrid with Jim and met up with Brian and Adam. Chad, whom I met at least a few months ago at Tempt with Jim, also arrived. I think he had forgotten that we were already friends on Facebook, but I remembered. :-) The bar wasn’t very busy, but we had a decent time, and I had some conversation with Matt, who was tending bar.





Then Friday Adam and I saw Cheap Trick perform at the Potawatomi Bingo Casino, courtesy of Brian, who works there as the “entertainment bitch.” I discovered I was familiar with a lot more of their songs than I thought; or rather, they authored a lot more songs I knew than I thought. It was a pretty good show. I really enjoyed watching Tom Petersson, as he seemed to be thoroughly enjoying himself but in his own little world. Rick Nielsen also amused me with his ridiculously frequent tossing of guitar picks to the crowd.

After the show, Adam and I filled our pockets with the black and white tissue confetti that was all over the theater. We would later be going to the opening of B.T.W. Lounge, so perhaps that confetti would be fun? I also tried to find one of the guitar picks to give my mom, but a drunk woman ended up giving me two in exchange for a sloppy hug. How delightful.

Anyway, we went back to Adam’s and awaited Brian’s finishing at Potawatomi. In the mean time, I went and retrieved Bo from his apartment. We didn’t know if he’d be able to get into the bar as he wasn’t yet 21, but I was willing to leave and go elsewhere should he get booted.


Adam and Bo Friday night


Brian, always classy


Adam, Bo and me


Brian and me


Adam and Brian at the new bar B.T.W. Lounge. It was sort of like a gay bar, judging by most of the staff and many of the patrons… We'll see how it goess, I guess!


Bo and me at B.T.W. Lounge

Obviously Bo getting in wasn’t a problem. I don’t think any of us was carded at all, but perhaps that was because Bo knew the bartender, though I forgot his name. We intended to stay there for a short while, but we ended up staying all night somehow. It was nice, but I don’t remember having a spectacular time… oh well, it happens! We met some random people, and at one point Bo disappeared into the bathroom for a while.


We made some new friends, friends I don't remember now…

The next day was a LaCage day. Josh, Ryan and Jake came, as did Brian, Kevin and Matt, whom I recently met at Jim’s game night.


Sunday morning just after midnight, getting ready to head to La Cage! Kevin, Ryan, Jim, Brian and Adam


Josh, me, Adam, Kevin, Brian, Jim, Jake and Matt! What lovely people (as Ryan is not in the photo). :-)


1 a.m. Sunday morning at La Cage


Brian, Kevin, me and Adam


I'm over here, guys!

Afterward, I went to get Bo and we all hung out at Adam’s. Ryan, Josh and Jake went home right away, which disappointed me because I wanted them to meet Bo. Oh well. We had an hour or two of conversation, drinking and ridiculousness.


Brian on the floor again.


Jim and Mr. BW


Hmm, always on the floor, Brian!


But I guess I can't talk, now

I’m not slightly confused about where we went when, unfortunately. I think then Bo and I went to my mom’s for the night, and then in the morning went to his friends’ house on the south side where we had previously stayed in one of the three guest rooms. (It used to be a bed and breakfast.) Luckily my mom didn’t need the car the next day since my uncle Mark was coming down for the Packers game.

I really love that house, and Mike and Richard are great, too! The room we stayed in has an attached bathroom with a shower that has six shower heads. It’s a lot of fun just to shower! The rest of the house is beautiful, but I won’t get into the details here.

Anyway, the four of us drove to Brookfield to have brunch with two of their friends, who were both a hoot. I wish I were hungrier… the food was good, with lots of seafood options. Green champagne was served to commemorate the Packers vs. Bears game that day, and all of our tongues turned green. :-)


After green champagne for the Packers game

After brunch we stopped at Sam’s Club before going back to the bed and breakfast for some relaxation. Bo and I spent some time in the whirlpool and did some tanning (my first time ever).


Which 216 pack of paper towels should we get?


Sam's Club parking lot

Then a few days passed, and I probably saw Bo a couple of times in there, but it’s not that important. Last Wednesday Bo got a new tattoo and came home with a new dog. I went over there for the first time (I think) and we spent many hours just hanging out. And I took a few photos of him and his dog.


Bo and the new dog, Loki




Bo in his kitchen, praying for salvation?

We had been loosely planning to go to Chicago for the weekend because it was Bo’s 21st birthday Sunday, and the bars in Chicago are open much later than in Milwaukee. But come Friday, when we were planning to go, I wasn’t sure if Bo would flake out or not till the afternoon. The previous night when we were going to hang out, he slipped off the planet for a while and eventually told me he was in Iowa. I guess he had to go back to get his ID, which I thought was a bit silly. He claimed he’d be back Friday by the afternoon, and we were going to leave for Chicago at 5. I didn’t want to buy the tickets till I was sure he’d be back, though. When he texted saying he was on his way, I decided to get the tickets for 8 p.m. And luckily it worked out.

So, we got to Chicago around 10, boarded a city bus up Halsted and got to Boystown around 11. We were to stay with David G, who was at a late dinner, so Bo and I walked around in search of ice cream or a coffee shop. After failing to locate the cold cream, we stopped at a Caribou and watched a girl crying. Apparently she was just mugged.

Eventually David texted, we met him at his place, and then we tried to figure out what we were doing. Bo and I were sort of fine with staying in, but after a drink or two we discovered Jordan B from Twitter was having a gathering. We headed over there, and at an early morning hour, the entire crew came back to David’s for some outdoor hot tubbing. What a night!


Who knows?

So now it’s Saturday, the day before Bo’s birthday. Him and I got up around noon or one and went for a walk. Bo said he’d get me food, so we looked for a place to eat. After walking quite a ways, he said he wanted sushi, to which I hadn’t an objection. We tried to locate a place he had previously enjoyed, but didn’t quite find it. We ended up going to a place called Sushi Mon, and Bo ordered a sexy roll and I a yellowtail fish roll. Both were good, but mine was better! It was quite delightful to eat and walk with Bo, though. :-)


Bo bought me lovely sushi :-)

Once we got home, David asked if we had dinner plans. We didn’t, so he told us we’d eat around 8. Come 9, we were waiting for Matt T to meet us at David’s. Then we went to Mythos, a delightful Greek restaurant run by two sisters. Andrew F met us there, and we all had a great time! David brought a giant bottle of wine and some bottles of champagne. The waiter gave us menus, but then took them away and didn’t take anyone’s orders. Then the food started coming. We all took some, passed the plates around, and it was grand!


Bo's birthday cake!






Aw, kind of like this one, despite the awkward arm.




The hostess at Mythos

After dinner and shortly before midnight, we stopped back at David’s and I took Bo’s picture the minute he turned 21. :-)


And the moment arrives! First legal drinking age photo. :-)

Then Bo, David and I headed out again; first stop, Scarlet.


And it all goes downhill from here…


William, Jordan and Hadeis


Poor Hadeis








William and Bo


That Scarlet lighting really fcks with skin tones, eh, Jordan?


It's Josh from Twitter!


Wow, this looks serious.


Scarlet Bar, but I forgot who was using my camera at the time.


What a nice suit!


The boyfriend, Bo, William and Sam

[caption id=”” align=”aligncenter” width=”585” caption=”My diploma came with a nice note from the mail carrier.”]DSC_2234.JPG[/caption]

After Scarlet, Bo and I started walking home… and somehow we got into a stupid argument about photography of all things. I got really turned off and took a dramatic turn to walk a slightly different route back to David’s. After two blocks, I realized that was ridiculous and I went to rejoin Bo. Except I lost him. And my phone was dead. And I walked around looking for him. And somehow got a mile away from Halsted and was wandering around some neighborhoods. Eventually I found a taxi and rode back… and Bo wasn’t there. Apparently he found a guy on the street and went to his place to smoke and do other stuff.

Once I got to David’s and plugged in my phone, I called Bo and asked him to come back. He eventually did after I gave up waiting for him outside in the cold. Then we were cold, to each other. I felt terrible, but hurt. I don’t know how he felt. But throughout the day things warmed up, and we had a fairly nice ride back, actually sitting next to each other this time.



That night, Bo and I went over to Ryan’s for Allen’s birthday party.


I don't know who took this, but it's one of the only photos of the birthday boy!


I'm assuming Joe took this one?


You don't want to know what followed this.


Bo and Joshua


Trash all around


Bo and me

So anyway, I’m not sure where things are going, but we’ll see!