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Samsung Instinct automatically deletes old texts

Posted at age 20.
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…and I hate it. If I have 80 percent of my internal memory remaining, and more than 7GB on my MicroSD card remaining, why do we need to be deleting my messages?

When I first got the phone, I never noticed texts getting deleted except for occasionally when I’d scroll way back in time. I would see the entire history to a point, beyond which only the received texts seemed to be stored… and then eventually even those ended.

Now, it seems like my texts are being deleted after just a few days. I am definitely texting more, so that is probably the cause, but still, why delete if there is plenty of space?! Samsung: Change this, now! I should be able to control how long messages are stored before deletion, and I should be able to opt for messages to never be deleted, space permitting.

Other than that, I love the Instinct, but this is getting very annoying. Especially when I’m trying to figure out who someone is when I know they’ve texted before, but the messages are gone!