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The booby trap and the blatherskite

Posted at age 18.
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Emotional drama: the greatest waste of time and energy.

People spend so much time thinking about what people are thinking about them, when everybody should really be conquering homework, nurturing friendships and growing beautiful flowers. I have seen so much pain and suffering lately, both of which have been completely unnecessary and unfounded.

The only way to know what somebody said is to witness the act directly. Taking action based on hearsay is illogical and often hurts everyone involved, possibly irreparably. I learned recently that if I suspect somebody of having said something, it is best to talk to that person and straighten things out. I rarely encounter an example of one friend intentionally insulting or slandering another friend, for most of the time the real enemy is the “telephone effect,” where statements are exaggerated, misconstrued, or often changed so much that the end result is something that has no basis in the original statement, if there even was an original statement.

While I’m on the topic of slander and insult… more examples of tragic wastes of time and energy! We all have things to do in this life, be they earning decent grades, paying off loans or planning the rest of our lives. Although some may convince themselves that bringing down another person will bring happiness or other benefits, this is certainly almost never the case. A liar cannot fully enjoy the fruits of his work, for though they may initially taste good, Snow White teaches us that poison apples aren’t immediately distinguishable from their honorable counterparts. If the instigator does not benefit, then, who else? No one whom I can think of. The slandered are brought down without their having done anything, and all the people on the periphery get to witness the resulting deterioration. Perhaps it is those people who benefit, for history is their great teacher.

I just wish we would all spend our time on things that matter. Is making fun of someone going to get you farther in the long run? No. Doing so shows the world the kind of person you really are: one who thrives on others’ suffering. If you are always respectful, however, and if you don’t give in to the temptation to do otherwise, then you will always be known as someone who is just that: respectful, honorable and good.

In the words of Baz Luhrmann, “The race is long, and in the end, it’s only with yourself.”

Do good, and good will come upon you.