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Message to Eric

Posted at age 18.
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Arg, so many thoughts through my mind!!!

First of all, Tim B and I have been talking a lot and hanging out a lot lately, which is good — because I obviously want to be his friend. This has also reminded me that I really wouldn’t mind if Tim “wanted me back”… so conflictive! It still seems like it would be quite a while before that would possibly happen, though, anyway.

Aw, hearing you talk about the cuddling and stuff is adorable! And, as hard as it is to accept, thanks for the compliments on my body…. haha.

STD’s: I think Tim and I are going to get tested together… lol. I mentioned it to him and he seemed to think it’s a good idea… he also said we should bring a bunch of other people! Lol.

The jokes/vulgarity thing: I guess I forgot to comment on this before… while I probably don’t make vulgar jokes or swear much, that doesn’t mean I am offended or whatever by them. I have to admit I am usually slow to understand jokes in general, even if they aren’t vulgar! Lol. But I really don’t think I’d have a problem around people who joke a lot or whatever… or at least I have no bad memories of being with such people.

As for meeting other people, I am nearly positive I won’t be. You were sort of a stroke of luck, but there is nobody else new that I’m messaging or anything… so I am fairly certain that I won’t be going out with anybody anytime soon, aside from anything that might happen with you, or even Tim … it’s been hard to forget him, too.

So, for now, as I am continuing to be good friends with Tim, I want to also be good friends with you. That means you should come over and study and stuff as often as you’d like! Hehe. I honestly don’t know now where my heart will lead me, and it will probably depend on what happens with you and your situation, and Tim and his situation. So for now, you seem the likelier candidate… but no matter what, I want to be a really good friend to both of you.

Thursday I work at night, probably at 10 or 11, but before then (after 4:30), I am free, and I’d love to have you over.

What did you say about running/swimming, etc? I went to the SERF for the first time, with Tim, today, and ran for like 30 minutes (with a few It was way less intimidating than I expected, so I’d like to do it again as much as possible, with whomever wants to go…

So yeah, sorry this reply was sooo late — I’ve been on a screwed up schedule, and Monday was really busy for me — especially with posting the Student Choice Awards online… I spent 4 hours on that almost! It was insane.

Talk to you soon!