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Dyan, my friend, where art thou?

Posted at age 18.
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I really miss my good friend Dyan. When I came to Madison, I left her in Menomonee Falls so she could take care of my Subway. I’m hoping to come home in two weeks, and perhaps I will see her.

The last two days were somewhat interesting. I cannot explain to the public, so I’m going to include the details in a hidden entry. (This is mainly a reminder to myself.)

This evening, I went to the SERF with Carl Fergus, the guy I am splitting a room with next year. We ran for 30 minutes, and then swam for another 15 minutes. It was quite amazing. My legs are a bit sore, though.

Eric came over tonight for a brief discussion. Hopefully I get to see him sometime this week, since he’s actually going home this weekend. He was supposed to go home last weekend, but the blizzard that hit Madison postponed his trip.