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First ‘night out,’ Badger game, and college job

Posted at age 18.
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Hey! This is going to be a very quickly-written entry because I’m trying to finish some straightening before I leave for work…

Last week was somewhat stressful - not because I had a TON of homework, but because the homework I did have seemed to take forever to complete! I spent mostly all of my free time working on fricken’ homework and it didn’t seem like I accomplished much of anything.. oh well. It was a good week.


I went for an interview with Justin and Taylor at the Badger Herald at 5:30 for a web position. I couldn’t find the building, so I had to call Brett S - he directed me and let me in. The interview went fairly well I think -

Dion W called me at 7:30 and told me I had to come for ice cream at 8 to meet two friends of his. I was a bit scared, but I complied with the order…

I met him by Walgreens and we walked to Coldstone, where he told me several others were meeting us too… that made me a bit nervous, but in retrospect, it shouldn’t have. I need to lighten up and come out of the shell a bit… Jon B said to me, “Charlie, I hear you got a new job today?” I replied that I went for an interview… anyway, after we ate ice cream, we all headed for some comedy show at a church. After looking for the address, we decided we were mistaken about where it was - that’s when we headed for the nearest church, a Hispanic Catholic church… that was not the one, so we went to the Lutheran church on University Ave… we got there, and apparently it wasn’t there either…

So, we went across the street and hung out in the garden for a while, etc, etc, etc: ended up at Jon B’s apartment - he just happens to live with Justin V, the person who interviewed me! That’s when Jon told Justin that he already told me I was hired… Justin was a little mad, because he wanted to tell me… lol, anyway: we watched That 70’s Show for a few minutes, then left for Kara K’s apartment.

There we played Egyptian Rat Race/Killer/Screw/Slap or whatever that game is called, spoons, and Catch-Phrase (I think?). Anyway, I laughed sooo hard sooo many times. It was nutz, and a lot of fun.

After we were all done playing, we went home: I took the bus with Brock J and his girlfriend Jessica (who refuses to get Facebook). They are so nice.


I wake up at 1pm to a message on the computer from Bary K. I message him back - he wants me to go to the Badger game with him, because he has an extra ticket. How fun!? Lol. So I met him at the stadium at 2:15 and we found our seats… I took a ton of pictures of the band and other stuff.

Some highlights: during the national anthem, two fighter jets flew very low over the stadium - it was extremely loud, and the entire place shook. The band is awesome and I love watching them do their run ons and stuff. OMG, I wish I were in band. The Badgers beat San Diego State, 14-0. Nobody scored until near the end of the third quarter! Wow, what a long span of nothing!


Chris W and Amy V called me at 11ish this morning, right after I woke up, and they announced that they were here! I had no idea they were coming! So I spent the whole day with them, and they left around 7, after receiving a $30 parking ticket for parking in a lot where my landlord told me I could park on weekends because it’s a staff lot. What ever, University of Wisconsin Police Department.

Now I need to get some straightening done, because I apparently start work tonight at 11. Lol!

Gnight Dyan and Matt and whoever else happens to be reading this!!!