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The day I met a boy and puked

Posted at age 15.
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I’m sorry about skipping the last two months pretty much, but I don’t really feel like trying to think what all happened…

While I was at work on Thursday, my dad called to let me know that he was fine with my being gay, but he said we had to talk to weekend while driving or something. Too bad I got sick — I guess that won’t happen for a while.

The night of the day I gave my mom the letter, she talked to me after I got home from work. She seemed a bit confused, and she kept saying I will have to help her deal with it. She was okay with my being gay though, but she said she did not know all that much about it. So it was awkward, but I made it.

Anyhow, yesterday, as I normally do on Saturdays, I worked for 12 hours, from nine to nine. At around 7:20, as he promised — but I doubted if he would come or not — John S came to visit! For the first 10 or 15 minutes he walked around and looked at stuff. Then I invited him behind the counter, and he played with my laptop — looking at pictures, playing music, etc. Anyhow, at like 7:40 or so, my throat felt tickly suddenly. Then a few minutes later, after I rung up the last customer that was in the store at the time, I had to dart to the back toward the toilet — I almost made it, but luckily I made it to the tile floor in the back and not the carpet where the customers can see. After I was all emptied out, or so I thought, I cleaned the floor, brushed a few times and washed my hands. John was so cool about it, concerned but not overly in my face. He just kept an eye on stuff and waited for me.

Then I was a little woozy the rest of the night. At ten to nine, I got a hold of my mom to tell her I got sick and that John was going to drive me home. She questioned what would happen to the money, but then she let me. I was glad she wasn’t asking specifics about who it was and whatever.

After I closed, John took me home, and he came to my room to visit. First we talked about stuff, then after a while he increasingly got more and more ‘feely.’ I liked it — hehe. Then after a while we got naked and, well you get the point. I didn’t do much, partly because I felt a little sick, and partly because I didn’t want to get John sick. But I had fun, and he was so nice! I hope he comes over again!