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Memories for graduation from gradeschool

Posted at age 13.
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May 9th, 2002

Memories for Graduation

First Grade

We were playing some game involving running around. My shoes were not tied, and of course I had to trip and fall. My head slammed into the corner of a desk, and my eyebrow started bleeding. I got a tissue and held it to my head, hiding under the cover of my desk. I don’t remember very well what happened after that, but somebody told Mrs. Enders and she had my mom called. She picked my up and we went to the doctor. I had to get three stitches. I had Taco Bell for lunch so it all turned out good.

Second Grade

Mrs. Gurlusky used to play the piano for us, and we would sing songs like the song with the tree and the hole.

Third Grade

No memorable memories

Fourth Grade

Mrs. Jeockes was a first time teacher. For the beginning of school, we had to bring a sack with certain things in it that had to do with us.

Fifth Grade

Ms. Tackes imitated Jesse after he was acting stupid again. She swung her hands around like a wild animal, throwing papers off her desk. The silence in the room was quite eerie. Strange.

Supposedly, the CCD kids were vandals. I used to draw Pokemon and leave the artwork in my desk. Sometimes I would find them all stapled and ripped up. Other people had similar problems.

Jesse got his Gameboy taken away by Ms. Tackes. She put it in her desk, and when she was going to give it back, the device had gone missing! Also, some lunch tickets belonging to Eric were gone just as mysteriously. Mr. Sullivan got involved, and the entire class was to go to the library. One by one, we would go into the fifth grade classroom for a certain amount of time, and if we had the tickets, we were to put them in this box. After everyone had gone, no luck; there were no tickets in the box.

Sixth Grade

Mr. Fenske spent so many class periods explaining safety procedures. It was so boring! We never even did anything that might require the knowledge he pounded into our heads those first days.

On a field trip on which we were allowed to bring electronics, Joey most brilliantly brought “his” Gameboy. It was the exact same limited edition color that Jesse’s was. It even had the same features and defects Jesse described. Strange.

Charlie brings blonde jokes to school. Charlie gets a suspension, second in the class only to Matt. At least you get plenty of time to do your homework…

Seventh Grade

Mrs. Tooke seemed bright, simply put. No offense.

Eighth Grade

Matthew stripped in Mr. Cohen’s Math class. Wonder what his motives were… Added, Matthew did not even get a detention! I know for sure I would have gotten a suspension if I did that.