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Why I have faith in my catholic school

Posted at age 13.
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I have attended St. Hubert School since I was four years old, and I am very thankful for that. Although I do not know what it is like in a public school, I can still say how proud I am of my school. There are numerous advantages in being taught in a parochial school, which I will talk about in this essay.

Not to be mean or anything, but a lot of the kids I meet from public schools fall under three categories: bullies, “shallow-minded,” and “player.” Once again, I am just saying it like it is, and I am not aiming to insult or condemn anyone.

Many kids, especially the older boys, exhibit qualities of the common bully. They push little kids around. They are bossy and often command a group of two or three “squires” or “underlings.” They are mean and not very friendly. I believe this can result from much pressure at school and with homework. They become overwhelmed and eventually try to rebel by closing out everyone and turn out to be all negative. The negativity also is contributed to by the adolescence stage of life, which takes place around this age.

Then there are the people whom need a little extra help. Instead of rebelling and becoming a bully, these people just keep to themselves when it comes to intelligence and are not real enthusiastic about learning. Some of them are open with their friends, and some of them, sadly, do not have any friends due to their tendency not to be outgoing and no wanting to meet new people. One of the worst things about this is, some of the most fun-to-be-with people fall under this category. This is the category with the most potential; all that they need is a little extra help here and there, and they are great kids.

Finally, there are the people, both boys and girls, whom are in there among that last category, but they have one more quality. They love to show off their bodies, and everything they do is about how they look, and the latest fashions. These people are the best dancers, and are great with color matching and that sort of thing. Maybe they could be interior decorators? Anyway those are the main groups of students, but not everyone falls in them and there are many exceptions. The point is, in my school, all of the students get individual attention from the teachers. They get help when they need it.

My school also believes in prayer, and we pray before our meals and at the start and end of the day. That may seem very obvious and standard for a catholic school, but it does help us. It reminds those of us that do not act very righteous that we are close to God. We prey some prayers such as the Lord’s prayer so often that we often forget what we are saying, but then the teacher will remind us of our faith. On the day and weeks after the September 11th tragedies occurred, we gathered outside by the flagpole and prayer for the victims and the people responsible, and that unites us further. It makes me feel like I am part of a strong force that is positive and loving, my circle of friends. I would not get these special opportunities in a public school where praying is prohibited.

The teachers here also are very nice, and they have values and care about the students actually. That is usually very rare, from what I have heard from other kids that attend public schools. It is easier to do work in my Catholic school, I think, because we do not have to walk very far from class to class, and there are people like you all around to give you their support.

Those are just some of the reasons why I have faith in my Catholic school, and there are many others. Overall I think my school is just less stressful and you get more out of yourself than with other schools. You also develop areas of yourself that you do not have a chance to in a public school, such as your spirituality. That is why I have faith in my school.