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Abraham Lincoln 1861-1864

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Abraham Lincoln, the nation’s 16th president, was born on February 12th, 1809 in Nob Creek, Kentucky. He lived in a forested area in a log cabin. His grandfather, Abraham, was a Quaker who was murdered by Indians. Abe Lincoln was never really close to his father. Abe was definitely a mother’s boy. On October 5th of 1818, Lincoln’s mom sadly passed away. If I were Lincoln, I would be crushed! Not having a real mom must be really hard.

After Abe’s mom’s death, his dad married a widow named Sarah Johnson with three kids of her own. I think that would be really strange having three more siblings out of the blue like that. They would be like friends, but also your brothers and sisters! Lincoln must have felt a little apprehensive to bond with them, for he spent a great deal of his time reading books and drawing.

When he started his first job as a laborer, he was paid only $12 a month. I feel so sorry for him! I could never live off that, and neither could anyone else! Of course twelve dollars got you further then than it would now, it still is not a lot. After that, he became a clerk in New Salem, IL. Then he was a captain in 1832, and he ran for legislature in the same year. When he was 20 he trained himself to be a lawyer, and indeed, he became a very good and well-known attorney.

Lincoln was very much so a self-made man. He lived in a log cabin in the woods most of his childhood. The built a two-story house and a stable. He owned a horse named Ol’ Bon. He even chopped his own wood all winter.

Lincoln married Anne Rutledde, but she died at age 21. This must have crushed Lincoln. It is impossible to imagine his internal pain and agony unless you yourself had a spouse who died. To make matters worse, his next proposal was rejected. Way to make someone feel good!? Lincoln just is not have any luck! I felt that this was not a good way for Lincoln to start his adult life, but in 1840, Lincoln married Mary Todd.

Because he doubted his ability to please his wife, Lincoln went batty basically. In 1841 Mary and Abe broke their engagement. Their boy of one year then became depressed without a father. Lincoln then lived with some friends. In his lunacy, they had to keep sharp objects away from Abraham so he would not commit suicide.

Then during the summer of 1852, Lincoln started getting his senses back, and he became more “stable.” Then on a rainy night that summer, Mary and Lincoln reconciled and married right that night in Lincoln’s log cabin.

Abraham built a good life with two sons and a profession in Law. In Chicago in 1860, Lincoln was nominated for presidential candidate. Not many people in the North knew who Lincoln was, so he was a dark horse candidate. Almost nobody had ever heard of him the South. The only reason anyone knew him was through the Lincoln-Douglas debates.

Then he was elected to be president! This probably made him feel like the most important man in the world at this point. For the two weeks before his inauguration, he stayed at a small motel. While there, he received over 50 assassination threats in the mail! Even after one threat, I would freak! He must have felt really uneasy knowing that so many people literally want to kill you!

His second son, Eddie, died of tuberculosis. Then, Willie, Lincoln’s favorite son by far, died from drinking Whitehouse water. I would be totally morally dissolved if this happened to me. Lincoln was very close to Willie too. They always were together and Lincoln cared for his boys very, very much.

Lincoln went on to lead the nation in a Civil war against the Southern Confederacy. He was, in the eyes of many histories, one of the greatest presidents, if not the greatest. I think he was a very strong and successful man. He grew up very self-supporting. He built himself a good life and he deserved every penny he earned, plus much more. He did have some hard times too. But overall, I think he was a great guy.