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Rock playbill - weird assignment

Posted at age 12.
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Playbill by Charlie G, Andy F, Holly R and Chris W

Cast and Characters

Knot Gneiss as Alice McGee

Alice is the housekeeper for the Rockys. She has medium to coarse crystals that are arranged in bands. She believes in the metamorphic religion. She has ancestors from places such as Feldspar, Quartz, Mica, and Hornblende. She is gray, pink, black, and red.

Sla Te as Mike Rocky

Mike is the father of the entire rocky family. He has fine grains and he is dense and splits into thin, smooth slaps. Because of this he has a split personality. He has ancestors from Mica and Quartz. Sometimes he acts like his mother, mica, sometimes like his great aunt Quartz. He is black, red, green, and/or purple.

Marcia Breccia as Marcia Rocky

Marcia is the daughter of Carol and Mike. She is the oldest daughter. She has angular pieces of rock held together by her natural cementation properties. She is black, gray, tan, and red. She believes in the Sedimentary religion.

Gregory Gabbro as Greg Rocky

Greg is the middle son of the three boys. He is a football star on his high school team. He is tightly arranged in medium to coarse crystals. He is greenish, gray, and black. He believes in the Igneous religion.

Janet Granite as Janet Rocky

Janet is the middle daughter of the three girls. She is jealous of Marcia, who is popular and pretty. Janet is not popular or pretty. She has tightly arranged crystals that are medium and coarse. She is white, gray, pink, and red. She believes in the Igneous religion.

Cindy Obsidian as Cindy Rocky

Cindy is the youngest girl. She likes her rocky Rocky family and she is a cutie patootie. She is glassy. She has no crystals and breaks with a shell-like fracture. She is black and she has brown streaks. She believes in the Igneous religion.

Peter Per idiot as Peter Rocky

Peter is the oldest boy of three. He plays in a band as the lead singer. He has coarse crystals and is a greenish gray. He believes in the Igneous religion.

Sandy Quartzite as Carol Rocky

Carol is the mom of Cindy, Bobby, Janet, Greg, Marcia, and peter. She is massive, hard, and often glassy. She has ancestors from Quartz. She is gray, white, pink and buff. She likes to weight lift and she believes in the metamorphic religion.

Bobby Basalt as Bobby Rocky

Bobby is the youngest of the three boys. He likes to go to school. He is very smart. He has dense microscopic crystals that are often from columns. He is dark, greenish, gray, and black. He believes in the Igneous religion.