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Lynx project

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This is quite silly: LynxProject.pdf

PREY - They spend some of their time on the limbs of trees waiting for the weaker mammals and birds that make up their prey to pass by. It is also common for lynx to stalk their prey. Lynx eat any smaller mammals such as rabbits, dwarfs, elves, mice, gnomes, little green men, and hamsters. They eat any birds they can capture too. FACTS - Lynx is a common name for three me mbers of a genus of wild carnivores characterized by strangely lengthy legs and large, weighty paws. They are stout-bodied animals. They are 65 to 130 cm (26 to 51 in) in length, with bulky, supple fur and undersized tails that are stubby. Most species of lynx have a tuft of hair more than 2 cm (0.78 in) long at the tip of each ear. These animals are great at tree climbing . Two to four kittens make up the average litter. Lynx are valued for their fur. HABITAT – Lynx live anywhere north of 50 degrees North latitude. They live in Canada, Europe, Asia and the Netherlands. Lynx like to live in forested areas with prairies nearby for capturing prey