Vote Charlie!

Kill the electoral college

The Electoral College gives low population states undue influence, making it possible for a person to be elected president with less than 22 percent of the vote. At least three elections#Popularvotenot_determinative) so far resulted in the wrong person being elected, which is about a five percent failure rate.

Further, U.S. citizens who move abroad can still vote absentee via their last residence in the United States. But if you were born in or move to a U.S. territory, joining more than four million citizens, you don’t have a vote for president.

Original motivations

Legal scholars argued#Obscuresdisenfranchisementwithin_states) the Electoral College was enacted partly because it allowed southern states to disenfranchise slaves, and the system encouraged disenfranchisement of women, as states have no incentive to get more people to vote, and a state that gave women the right to vote would not suddenly have double the influence as it would if we used a popular vote.

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